Sneaky Software

You have just installed that new brilliant program that is working so amazing that you are over the moon.

BUT!!! Why has your homepage on your internet browser changed? What is this other program on your computer that you are seeing and have no memory of installing it. Today you will read about the little sneaky software¬†found within installers and If you are like most computer users you often don’t read all those terms of use and sub menus, all you do is just keep clicking that next button. But tucked away in that installer there is a sneaky little page that has that software you have installed.

I’ve attached a picture to this post for you to see an example from the program CDBurnerXP. Majority of these sneaky programs are not the greatest to have on your computer due to most of them being harmful to your computer and possibly sharing information from your computer all across the internet and also slowing your computer down

Adware CR&T

The easiest way to prevent these type of programs from getting on your computer is by taking the time and reading what you really accepting or clicking next to.

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