Boosting your WiFi signal

Now we all know the farther from the modem/router you get, the worse the signal is. But when you can’t move your room closer to the router or the router closer to your room, what do you do? Well, with this little modification you could boost your WiFi signal, so let’s jump into it!

Firstly, make sure your router is away from the cordless phone and microwave. Microwaves and cordless phones also use a frequency similar to your router, which can cause disruption for your devices.

Time to get crafty now and grab yourself an aluminum can, scissors and a stanley knife. Then…

  1. Make sure you have a Pintrest account so you can show off your DIY skills.
  2. First of all you want to drink that delicious beverage and then wash it out so you don’t have a army of ants in three days.
  3. Use your stanley knife to cut around the bottom brim of the can (please use parental supervision and/or outsource this job to a suitably coordinated adult).
  4. Using scissors cut down the opposite side you drink from (cheat and look below if this doesn’t make sense).
  5. Now grab your stanley knife again and cut evenly around the top of the can starting from where you cut with the scissors, but don’t cut the mouthpiece off the can (again, cheat below).
  6. Safely put the can’s mouthpiece over the antenna and face the can in the direction you would like to broadcast to.

As you can see from the picture below your router should now look like this.

CR&T Can

*TIP* If you get some blu-tack and stick it around the mouth hole it will help you position the can a lot easier.

Now you are done. Soak up that WiFi goodness. There is still a chance that your WiFi signal will still leave something to be desired, and in that case the only solution is…

moar powa

Complicated physics will tell you that the more power you put through an antenna, the stronger the signal. Business grade access points will provide stronger signal farther than consumer equipment.

We can advise you on a suitable access point for your needs. Give us a call on 02 6884 5922 or email

Sneaky Software

You have just installed that new brilliant program that is working so amazing that you are over the moon.

BUT!!! Why has your homepage on your internet browser changed? What is this other program on your computer that you are seeing and have no memory of installing it. Today you will read about the little sneaky software¬†found within installers and If you are like most computer users you often don’t read all those terms of use and sub menus, all you do is just keep clicking that next button. But tucked away in that installer there is a sneaky little page that has that software you have installed.

I’ve attached a picture to this post for you to see an example from the program CDBurnerXP. Majority of these sneaky programs are not the greatest to have on your computer due to most of them being harmful to your computer and possibly sharing information from your computer all across the internet and also slowing your computer down

Adware CR&T

The easiest way to prevent these type of programs from getting on your computer is by taking the time and reading what you really accepting or clicking next to.

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