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Downloads:  Available in PDF format to print out.

Please click this link for Classes -Ponies

Please click this link for Entry Forms 


Ring 3 ~ Saturday 9.00 am start

Lunch Break 12.45pm.  Ring resumes 2 pm.

 Entry Fee $2.00. Tickets to be purchased at the Caravan in the Main Ring

Drug testing may be carried out at anytime during and before the Show.

Safety Helmets and Regulation Riding Boots must be worn and waivers completed for each event entered otherwise entry will be refused.

301. Led Mare under 12hh
302. Led Mare 12hh and not exceeding 14hh
303. Led Gelding not exceeding 12hh
304. Led Gelding 12hh and not exceeding 14hh

Champion Led Pony under 14hh
Trophy donated by Furneys Stock Feeds

Reserve Champion Led under 14hh


305. Maiden or Novice Pony not exceeding 14hh
306. Pony not exceeding 12hh
307. Pony 12hh and not exceeding 12.2hh
308. Pony 12.2hh and not exceeding 13hh
309. Pony 13hh and not exceeding 13.2hh
310. Pony 13.2hh and not exceeding 14hh
311. Childs Pony not exceeding 14hh
312. Adults Pony not exceeding 14hh

Champion and Reserve Champion Pony Hack

(Not eligible for Pony Hack Classes)

313. Maiden or Novice Show Hunter Pony not exceeding 14hh
314. Show Hunter Pony not exceeding 12hh
315. Show Hunter Pony over 12hh and not exceeding 13hh
316. Show Hunter Pony over 13hh and not exceeding 14hh
317. Childs Show Hunter Pony not exceeding 14hh
318. Adults Show Hunter Pony not exceeding 14hh

Champion and Reserve Show Hunter Pony

319. Pleasure Pony (to be ridden one handed in a snaffle bit with no        artificial aids)
320. Smartest on Parade Rider under 12 years
321. Educated Pony not exceeding 14hh


322. Girl Rider under 7 years
323. Girl Rider 7 and under 9 years
324. Girl Rider 9 and under 12 years

Champion and Reserve Girl Rider under 12 years

325. Boy Rider under 7 years
326. Boy Rider 7 and under 9 years
327. Boy Rider 9 and under 12 years

Champion and Reserve Boy Rider under 12 years

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french merrygoround 





Draught horses




sheep and lamb