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Chief Steward:  Karen McBurnie 6888 1101

Downloads:  Available in PDF format to print out.

To Download the Classes Click Here

Please click this link for Entry Forms 


Entry Fee 50ยข.  First $2, Second $1.  Two entries per person,  per class only. 

All exhibits to be clean and unwashed.  Not previously exhibited in the Gilgandra Show.
Entries to be staged by 9.30 am.  First Day of the Show

Not available for collection before 4.30 pm Saturday


Most Outstanding Piece of Embroidery.  Perpetual Trophy and Sash donated by Gilgandra Embroidery Group
Best Patchwork Quilt prize donated by Gilgandra Wednesday Quilters.
Best Machine Made Garment prize donated by Lorraine Hutchison
Champion Porcelain Doll of the Show - Sash
Most Successful Senior Citizen Exhibitor donated by Joy Marchant
Most Successful Exhibitor in Section Q classes 1 to 37 donated by Enid Marchant
Wool Promotion Perpetual Trophy donated by the Late Mr. A. Shalhoub
Best Exhibit Under 16 years prize donated by the Late Mrs. M. Doud
Best Exhibit Under 14 years
Best Exhibit Under 12 years prize donated by Mrs. M. Murphy
Best Exhibit Under 10 years
Best Exhibit under 8 years prize donated by Karen McBurnie
Encouragement Award in Children's Section donated by Gilgandra Embroidery Group

Prizemoney donated by Essential Energy 

 1.  Tapestry Picture larger than 26cm x 31cm (10"x12" approx)
 2.  Tapestry Picture not to exceed 26cm x 36cm (10"x12" approx)
 3.  A piece of Creative Tapestry using various threads and stitches
 4.  Embroidered Picture
 5.  Cross Stitch Picture larger than 26cm x 31cm (10"x12")
 6.  Cross Stitch Picture not to exceed 26cm x 31cm (10"x12")
 7.  Long Stitch Picture any size.
 8.  Miniature Embroidered Picture (worked area less than 10cm x 31cm (10"x12") approx.)
 9.  Embroidered Book Mark
10.  Handkerchief with Crochet, Tatted or Handmade Lace.
11.  Any item of Hand Embroidery

Prizemoney donated by Essential Energy 

12.  Baby's Garment -Machine Made
13.  Child's Garment - Machine Made
14.  Adult's Garment - Machine Made
15.  Any Machine Made Garment
16.  Most Attractive Cushion or Pillow, may have filling.
17.  Most Attractive Bath or Hand Towel, embroidery applique etc.
18.  Machine made after 5 wear garment fully completed by exhibitor.


19.  Machine Made Patchwork bedspread or doona etc.Professional quilted or Self quilted.
20.  Machine Made Patchwork cot cover, knee rug etc.
21.  Wall Hanging - Quilting and embellishments may be used
22.  Small item of Patchwork eg. pot holder, phone holder
23.  Quilt featuring stitchery


Prizemoney donated by Essential Energy (Formerly Country Energy)

24.  Covered Coathanger - any medium
25.  Knitted, Crochet or Woven Rug in wool, cotton, fabric or acrylic.
26.  Best Machine Made Garment made by a first time exhibitor
27.  Book Mark in any medium
28.  Most attractive Pin Cushion in any medium, sewn, etc.
29.  Patchwork bag
29a Embroidered bag
30.  Machine or hand made festive season decoration


31.  Hand Knitted Baby's Booties
32.  Baby Garment
33.  Baby's Set of any two pieces
34.  Adult Garment
35.  Child's Garment
36.  Any other hand knitted Garment or Article in any ply
37.  Crochet Doily or Table Centre
38.  Any other piece of Crochet not specified
39.  Knitted or Crocheted a) Scarf   b) Hat or Beanie



40.  Shalhoub Trophy for a Garment or Article using pure wool or a wool blend not less than 80% wool,
may be sewn, knitted, crochet, woven etc.  Band must be attached where possible.

Prizemoney donated by Essential Energy (Formaly Country Energy)

41.  Knitted Article or Garment - any medium; a) large    b) small
42.  Crochet edged Tea Towel, Hand Towel or Face Washer
43.  Knitted, Crochet or Woven Rug
44.  Piece of Embroidery
45.  Item using Eyelet Lace
46.  Best Coathanger - any medium
47.  Baby's Booties - any medium
48.  Knitted, Crochet or Fabric Toy
49.  Any work not mentioned


Juniors can only enter in their own age section.
Age determined on the first day of the show
First prizemoney donated by K. McBurnie


50.  Article of Hand Embroidery
51.  Article or Garment machine made
52.  Best Soft Toy
53.  A Gift in any fabric (eg. handkerchief sachet, embellishment may be used)
54.  Best Pin Cushion
55.  Decorated Hand Towel using any sewing technique
56.  Any other piece of work not mentioned


57.  Article of Hand Embroidery
58.  Article or Garment machine made
59.  Knitted Scarf or Beanie
60.  A gift in any fabric (embellishments may be used)
61.  Best Pin Cushtion
62.  Decorated Hand Towel using any sewing technique
63.  Any other piece of work not mentioned.


64.  Piece of Embroidery - picture or wall hanging etc.
65.  Machine made Article or Garment
66.  Best Book Mark
67.  Best Decorated Hand Towel using any sewing technique
68.  A Gift for someone special - fabric, knitted or crochet etc.  May have embellishment
69.  Any item not mentioned 


70.  Piece of Embroidery
71.  Machine made Article or Garment
72.  Best Book Mark
73.  Decorated Hand Towel using any sewing technique
74.  Knitted Scarf
75.  Any item not mentioned


76.  Any Embroidery - eg Sampler, Table Centre
77.  Embroidered Picture - any stitches
78.  Article or Garment using a sewing machine
79.  Any item of sewing not mentioned



 1.  Best Teddy Bear a. Fabric, b. Fur
 2.  Any Soft Toy - any method
 3.  Doll's Outfit - two or more items; Knitted, Crochet, Fabric etc - may be mounted on cardboard
 4.  Porcelain Baby Doll over 40 cms.
 5.  Porcelain Baby Doll under 40 cms
 6.  Porcelain Toddler Doll
 7.  Porcelain Child Doll
 8.  Porcelain Teenage Doll
 9.  Fantasy Doll - any medium
10.  Any Porcelain Doll
11.  Lady Doll
12.  Story Book Character
13.  Any other Doll not mentioned.

horse jumping



french merrygoround 





Draught horses




sheep and lamb