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Cattle Section

Downloads:  Available in PDF format to print out.

Please click this link for Classes

Please click this link for Entry Forms 


Chief Steward:  Randall Carlow 6848 5803 

Judging commences 9.30 a.m.

Entry Fee $2.00


  1. Cattle must be penned by 9.00 a.m. on second day of the Show
  2. All cattle to be from accredited Brucellosis free herd and exhibitors must provide a Cattle Herd Health Status Declaration.
  3. The age of cattle will be taken from 1st May.
  4. UNLED SECTION: Animals exhibited must be unhoused and unled.
  5. Cattle in pairs and breeders groups must be led.
  6. Cattle need not be bred by exhibitor.
  7. Any alterations to the schedule are at the discretion of the Cattle Stewards.
  8. Cattle Stewards reserve the right to disqualify any exhibit from the Show.
  9. Stud cattle section permitting only BVDV free (non Pl) animals to enter. 

All Breeds Champion Bull  - Prize Donated by EmbroidMe.

All Breeds Champion Female - Prize Donated by Furney's Stockfeeds.

Most Successful Exhibitor- Prize Donated by EmbroidMe.


 Any Breed of Cattle

  1. Bull under 12 months
  2. Bull 12 months and under 18 months
  3. Bull 18 months and under 24 months
  4. Bull 24 months and over
  5. Breed Champion and Reserve Champion Bull
  6. Female under 12 months
  7. Female 12 months and under 18 months
  8. Female 18 months and under 24 months
  9. Female 24 months and over
  10. Breed Champion  and Reserve Champion Female

All Breeds Section 

  11.  All Breeds Champion Bull 
  12.  All Breeds Champion Female 
  13.  Pair of Bulls
  14.  Pair of Females.
  15.  Breeders group of three. (both sexes to be represented).
  16.  Steer under 12 months.
  17.  Steer 12 months and under 18 months.  
  18.  Most Successful Exhibitor

Most Successful Exhibitor points as follows:

 First 3 points

2 points

 Breed Champion 3 points
 Res. Breed Champion 2 points
 All Breeds Champion 5 points


PARADERS COMPETITION (Held at 1.30 p.m. Saturday)

Under 17 years

17 and Under 25 years

  Prizes donated by Sandy Creek Braford Stud


JUNIOR JUDGING (Held at 9. a.m. Tuesday)

Under 17 years

17 years and under 25 years

Prizes donated by Sandy Creek Braford Stud

horse jumping



french merrygoround 





Draught horses




sheep and lamb